Childbirth as nature intended…

Now serving the Cumberland Valley area!

newbornDove Charity Home Birth Services has relocated and is now accepting clients in the Cumberland Valley area including Waynesboro, Mechanicsburg, Greencastle, Mount alto, Quincy, Chambersburg, Hagerstown and surrounding areas. Please see our service area or contact us for more information!

We provide a whole natural home birth experience and believe strongly in the natural and private experience of a home birth!

Natural Childbirth with a midwife can be a fulfilling family event, why not experience giving birth at home? We provide a water birth alternative to traditional childbirth. Midwives promote an intimate childbirthing experience as intervention free as possible in the privacy and warmness of your own home. No pregnancy is exactly the same, why should it be treated as such? Our midwife staff gets to know you and strive to provide an unique childbirth plan with you and your mate.

Religious Convictions Welcome here

We believe strongly in supporting your need to connect with your higher power in your home birth. We welcome cultural traditions. Part of a great home birth experience for many people includes welcoming the infant in an environment that radiates your beliefs. We respect and embrace that! Let us know about your convictions when asking us about having a home birth with us.


According to the WHO (World Health Organization) only 5-10% of cases actually require specialized obstetric services.

We believe that women are the key to healthy families and thus a healthy community. We believe women are fearfully and wonderfully made. They are able to birth naturally without intervention except in the most extreme and rare cases. We provide Midwifery services to the Cumberland Valley area.

We want to educate women to become responsible for their own health, to learn all that they can about their bodies and about procedures often proscribed for them and their families. We want them to be aware of their alternatives and let them choose the birth experience they want.

We provide: